Signature Programs

Programs designed to create change.

Beyond the Boots:

A Veteran and Service Member Initiative

ONABEN is proud to offer a unique set of tools and services to encourage and enhance the ability of Veteran and Service members in reaching their entrepreneurial goals. Based on our experience in underserved Tribal and Rural communities, ONABEN has taken these best practices and applied them to the needs of returning veterans and active duty service members.  We stand firm in our belief that successful entrepreneurial endeavors are key elements of success for those individuals with the drive and dedication to start their own small business and becoming a strong advocate and dedicated resource provider to Veteran and Service owned businesses is at the core of our organizational values.

Program Includes:

  • Meeting the individual “in their place” ONABEN wants to fully understand the environment in which the participant wishes to succeed in so that we can eliminate to the greatest extent possible, any barriers to success.

  • Personal financial literacy and asset management and accumulation training.

  • Small business training for all stages of a business life cycle, from start up business plan completion to succession planning for established businesses.

  • Continuing education tailored specifically to the needs of the participant and challenges the participants small business may be experiencing as well as assisting in the identification of ways to scale up or expand operations.

  • Procurement and Government contracting assistance.

ONABEN wishes to open the door to economic independence for Veterans and Active Duty Service members.  By capitalizing on the skills and strengths gained through military duty, ONABEN will work directly with individuals to realize their dreams of business ownership.  


RealChange Youth Empowerment Initiative:

ONABEN firmly believes that the key to a better tomorrow begins with investing in the youth of today. Through its RealChange Youth Empowerment Initiative, our team provides financial capabilities training and support; creates customized, financial education materials; and implements youth entrepreneurship camps, inclusive of a business showcase and market.

Artist and Culture Accelerators:

ONABENs Arts and Culture Accelerator program began as an initiative that started with project funding from the Small Business Administration’s Accelerator fund. It is designed to assist artists to grow their markets and serves as a catalyst for positive socio-economic development. The creative production of art and artistic expression are among the most promising ways to expand the market economy in rural and urban Native communities. Currently, our Arts and Culture Accelerator assists with artist-entrepreneur training, the creation of regional/local brands, as well, as marketing/website development services.

Girl Talk:

ONABENs Women and Girl Empowerment Initiative was established to provide a platform for women and girls to build one another up. Each month, ONABEN holds workshops to instill an entrepreneurial spirit among women and girls, connects members to area resources, and establishes volunteer days to encourage community and civic engagement. The foundation of this program is built upon the reality that Girl Talk Matters, regardless of your culture, color, or political beliefs. Girl Talk is a place to overcome and achieve.

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I raise up my voice—not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” ―Malala Yousafzai

Bridge to Success:

Originally funded by the SBAs Office of Native American Affairs, ONABENs Bridge to Success Program is designed to build the capacity of Indigenous and minority-owned businesses to provide contractual services to the federal government, tribal entities, and minority supplier development programs. Training and technical assistance is provided in-person and online.


Entrepreneurship is the foundation of our program model. In addition to our Indianpreneurship® curriculum and the training programs that accompany it, we provide a variety of entrepreneurial training, customized assistance, and capacity building support with a focus on economic growth, employment opportunities, and business creation. We work with community partners to deliver tailored support to Native entrepreneurs while building and strengthening the local private sector economy.