ONABEN Receives MBDA Grant

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The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) recently awarded ONABEN a grant totalling almost $600,000, to support the growth of the Native American business community. ONABENs project: Growing Native Economies, is national in scope and multi-faceted.

According to ONABENs CEO, Veronica Maturino, the grant will enable ONABEN to provide services to Native-owned companies in position to grow their capacity to provide contractual services to the federal government; will enable Team ONABEN to develop a small business accelerator in coordination with the Burns Paiute Tribe, of Oregon; and support the needs of the Native American small business community, in South Dakota.

“This is an exciting and busy time for our team. Growing Native Economies is the first MBDA grant that our organization has ever been awarded and we are ecstatic to see where this partnership takes us,” said Maturino. “Our project is ambitious, but will leave a positive imprint upon the communities and small business owners that ONABEN serves.”

ONABENs project is already underway with events planned in South Dakota and Oregon in the next month. Future events will be held in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana. To learn more about ONABENs MBDA funded work, contact a member of ONABENs staff.

Veronica Maturino

Veronica Maturino