Aloha, Friends! Team training in Moloka’i with OWEESTA.

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Aloha, friends! This week the team and I provided a training in beautiful, Moloka’i, Hawaii. As I have often said, the people and the place are truly a wonderful experience. It is so very exciting to watch the entrepreneurs of this happy island grow their capacity as small business owners! We have made some life-long friends in this community, and for that I am so grateful.


One of the entrepreneurs: Kupu A’e Molokai

This quarter’s training provided guidance and instruction in financial literacy. The training was provided by one of OWEESTA’s finest, Krystal Langholz. She did a fantastic job! I hope this is just the first of many joint-trainings to come. Ms. Langholz is not just a colleague, but is a personal friend to ONABEN and to me. I was thrilled to introduce her to a place as warm and friendly as Moloka’i.

I spent a little time on the island working with the participants of the Entrepreneur Exchange Program that ONABEN is assisting our friends at the Mvskoke Loan Fund manage. The exchange program will bring together ten entrepreneurs from Moloka’i and Oklahoma to embark upon some peer coaching, business development training, job shadowing, and cultural enlightenment. This is a totally cool project that will bring Moloka’i to Oklahoma and Oklahoma to Moloka’i! All I can say is this week Moloka’i was in the house! And, wow, do they have some special events planned for their Oklahoma visitors!

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Kupu A’e Molokai

The exchange participants will come together in Moloka’i in April and then in Tulsa in May. While I am very excited to see my Oklahoma neighbors in Moloka’i, I am overjoyed to share Oklahoma with my Hawaiian friends! Best of all? In Oklahoma the groups will come together at Trading at the River! And, let me tell you the Hawaiian Entrepreneur Exchange participants are bringin’ it! From hula to art, from culture to clothing design, from hugs to aloha, you will find it all at the Riverwalk during the Native Marketplace on Wednesday, May 6, in Tulsa, OK!

I found my way to the North Shore on Oahu this trip. The drive was beautiful. Entrepreneurship abounds on the roads that lead to Punalu’u. There were so many food trucks and fruit stands. I was in heaven! Too tempted to pass another vendor by, we pulled into a shrimp stand and purchased a pound of steamed shrimp…. What? You know how I love supporting small business!

“Talk” soon, V.

Michael Bridges

Michael Bridges

Michael is a proud U.S. Army Veteran and a member of the Cherokee Nation. With 10 years of service as an Infantryman, Michael implements the core values of integrity, honor, and selfless service into his leadership of the company. With over 20 years of experience, Michael began working with building websites and graphic design in 1998. A family-oriented man, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife Kristina and their three children. He is a proud and active member of Jenks Lodge #497 A.F. & A.M. and an advisor for the Order of DeMolay.