Indianpreneurship® Training


ONABEN offers numerous Indianpreneurship® trainings each year across the United States. We offer both, instructor certification and entrepreneurial training platforms to meet the varying needs of our clients and their Native communities.

ONABEN designed our classes and the curriculum to meet the unique learning styles of our students. One of the foundations of our program is built upon establishing trust with each student, so that they can completely engage in the course to the best of their ability. Our goal is to create a safe, interactive, non-critical environment that encourages self-reflection, learning, and appropriate action.

Everyone who walks in the door has come to the class because they have a vision, an idea or a desire to find meaning in the creation of their own program or enterprise. We understand that course participants will come at various stages of development – some with ideas and some with well-developed concepts. Our training platforms are adaptable to meet these diverse needs of entrepreneurs and organizations.

Our educational philosophy is inclusive — everyone who is willing to commit to the program is welcome. We encourage everyone in the community with an interest in entrepreneurship to take the class. It is a learning experience that can be defined based on the needs of individual communities.


ONABEN is known for our custom training approach and is committed to leaving a positive imprint on the Native communities we work with. We work closely with our local partners to create a customized training platform specific to the unique needs of each business community in which we deliver training.



Our Indianpreneurship Train the Trainer events prepare participants to teach and facilitate an Indianpreneurship® Journey into Business course. This 2-day interactive training includes activities and coaching that focuses on the text as well as program development.

We will cover

  • Business planning
  • Marketing and planning
  • Class recruitment and organization
  • Instruction methods
  • Current business development issues

$550.00 Tuition includes the Indianpreneurship® Teacher and Student Manuals, instructor certificate, and lunch.