Indianpreneurship® Experience


Providing services to the entrepreneurial community is an important job, and ONABEN is pleased to offer products that meet the challenging needs of aspiring entrepreneurs and the small business community. Our suite of Indianpreneurship products are designed with ease of use in mind, and are wonderful additions to any small business resource providers, vocational rehabilitation program, Indianpreneurship® is literally changing the trajectory of Native-owned small businesses. We all know that the challenges associated with starting or growing a business in Indian Country can be overwhelming. But with the knowledge and skills gained by completing an Indianpreneurship® course, entrepreneurs are more confident and ready to embark upon a successful business venture, and resource providers are better equipped to provide the training necessary to grow the small business community.

Kathryn Quaempts Burke

Indianpreneurship® Graduate

Indians have been in business, creating, diversifying and existing on their creations and traditional arts all along. It is who we are. This curriculum helps to formalize the process.

Ted Piccolo

Executive Director | Northwest Native Development Fund

This curriculum is super! It practically teaches itself.