Transitions and New Happenings

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Hello, ONABEN friends. It’s been a while! As you may have realized, or became aware, ONABENs previous website had a few glitches on the backside that would not allow our team to update content! Hopefully, you have followed us on FaceBook and are up-to-date on what’s been going on in our world!

So much has changed since my last post. For starters, ONABEN has a brand new team. Yep. A brand new team. And, I am excited to include that while the majority of our team is new to ONABEN, they are not new to our field. All have a heart for communities of color. The transition from old to new has been relatively seamless, but goodbyes are never easy. I will always be grateful for the time spent with our past staff members. I’ve said it before, and I don’t mind repeating myself. ONABEN is a family. As a woman, I will forever be thankful for the relationships that I have built as a result of being a part of Team ONABEN. As a leader, I will always reflect back upon how this time of transition has transformed me professionally. Life is nothing if not an opportunity to grow.

Oh, and we have a shiny, new website. It looks a little like our previous design, but with a few new bells and whistles. What to look for? Well, the bookstore for one. Orders can now be placed online, which I believe will be a more efficient way to manage our book sales. The best part is that the site is easily updated. And, for a girl who is not the most technically inclined, that my friends, is a good thing. I have to give a shout out to our friends at The C3Group and Digital Venture for working tirelessly to get our new site up and going!

As an organization, there is so much on the horizon. But, I don’t want to give too much away in one post. Until then, please take the time to introduce yourself to Debbie, Lahoma and Jen, and join me in welcoming them aboard.



Veronica Maturino

Veronica Maturino