A Day in the Life of ONABEN

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It’s a Monday, Friends, in so many ways! Life as ONABENs CEO is exciting, but crazy busy! There are many projects that our team is tasked to launch! And, our team, awe, yes, you might have noticed that there are some new faces at ONABEN. Let me tell you, the ladies are rockstars! They are seriously kicking butt and taking names. It’s exciting to watch them become immersed in all things ONABEN. Way to go Debbie, Lahoma, and Jen!

If you are paying attention to our news feeds, you likely know that we have some great opportunities for the Native American small business community. Currently, I am busy reading through cohort applications, planning training events, scheduling travel, creating partnerships, and working on reports. Just a little busy. But, seriously, I love working with cohorts. Here’s why. The learning events take on a whole different kind of life, when you get the same folks working together over the course of time. Often our cohort members learn as much from one another as they do from our team. And, why shouldn’t they? The idea is growth. My experience has taught me that the learning adventures that I have taken part in with others are the adventures that have left the biggest imprints on my life. It’s going to be a whirlwind year with in-person events in Oklahoma, Oregon, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Hawaii. But, what an amazing opportunity to grow one’s capacity to excel in the business world.

On a totally ONABEN note, ONABEN will be awarded the Spirit of Portland Award, on October 15, 2019. As you know, Oregon is where it all started. For years, ONABEN and its team, past and present, has worked diligently to support the needs of Native American communities throughout the state. Some of my favorite memories have occured during our work in Oregon. And, I love ONABENs, Oregon friends. Thank you to the City of Portland, for recognizing ONABENs dedication to the rural, tribal communities that mean so much to our team, and who have supported our work for many, many years.

And, now on a completely personal note. Over the summer, I became a grandmother. For those of you who know me, motherhood is my favorite job in the world. Let me tell you, friends, being a grandmother is just as wonderful. I should point out that I don’t go by a grandmotherly sort of name. Instead, my hope is that my grandson…yes…its a boy…will call me Vivi. It seems very me, very V. I would not be me, if I didn’t mention that Baby Jett is likely the most beautiful, most intelligent baby in the world, well at least, in my world. It’s so surreal to watch my son be a father. It makes me very emotional. Like right now, as I type this post, my eyes fill with tears. Seeing Chase hold his son, well, it’s like the world can’t get anymore beautiful. Only, I know that’s not true. I’m sure there will be more babies, and I know that I will find all of them to be just as wonderful as the one before. As I watch Jett with his parents, and feel the love that my daughter has for her brother’s son, I realize that somethings, some moments truly are priceless.

Whew, all of this emotion and work is too much for a girl. Until next time.



Veronica Maturino

Veronica Maturino