Jennifer Tomasik


Jennifer Tomasik (Colville and Salish Kootenai tribes)

Training Specialist

Jennifer Tomasik, proud of her Native heritage, is a citizen of the Colville and Salish Kootenai tribes. “Jen” is ONABENs Training Specialist, providing participants with business planning assistance, leadership development, as well as, multimedia training and technical assistance. A leader in communication driven strategies, Jen assists ONABENs CEO tell the stories of our organization, and the successes of our program participants. Jen is ONABENs lover of all souls! Spiritual and filled with a love of people, Jen is the calm in every storm. Fun Fact: Jen won first place at a longbow competition, even beating out the men, and had never shot a bow before! Favorite Color-Red Favorite Quote: Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.