Chase Vanover


Chase Vanover (Cherokee)

Chief Executive Officer

Chase Vanover, citizen of the Cherokee Nation has a broad spectrum of backgrounds that enhances ONABENs team. A self- taught website designer, Chase  has built 500+ websites. With a background in sales, he  embraces  the importance of marketing, and assists in the coordination of ONABENs Indianpreneurship book sales and distribution. Having grown up in the midst of an entrepreneurial family, he embraces the importance of business planning, and works to support the needs of the small businesses that ONABEN serves as a Training Specialists. He may come off as quiet, but Chase is the jokester of the team, always thinking of something witty to say.

Fun Fact: : Chase is an avid watcher of alien conspiracy documentaries. Favorite Color: Red. Favorite Quote: Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.