What We Do

programs designed to create change


Over the last 25 years, ONABEN has refined our suite of products to target the true needs of the groups we serve. Our ultimate goal is to increase opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Native American, Hawaiian Native, and Native Alaskan communities.


Entrepreneurship is the foundation of our program model. In addition to our Indianpreneurship® curriculum and the training programs that accompany it, we provide a variety of entrepreneurial trainings, customized assistance, and capacity building support with a focus on economic growth, employment opportunities, and business creation. We work with community partners to deliver tailored support Native entrepreneurs while building and strengthening the local private sector economy.


Our work with Native American artists is designed to open bountiful doors of economic opportunity. We believe that art entrepreneurs provide an enriching cultural experience to people around the globe and are a key element to creating an inclusive economy. Our work with artists spans a wide range of services, including nonprofit development, brand development, entrepreneurial coaching and capacity building, as well as planning and facilitation of on-site and virtual market places.


In today’s ever changing world, empowering women is more important than ever. Building women up is imperative to the societies throughout the world. ONABEN applies our entrepreneurial development and financial education models to lift up Native American women. We use small business development as a vehicle to empower women and benefits the entire community and reduces poverty.


ONABEN believes that working with youth is one of the most important strategies we implement. Our youth are our opportunity for real change. As part of a larger multi-year initiative, ONABEN is adapting our nationally renowned Indianpreneurship® curriculum to pilot a comprehensive entrepreneurial and finance learning platform for Native youth.


Access to capital is paramount to small business development, but unfortunately it is also one of the greatest challenges that Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian entrepreneurs face. ONABEN is dedicated to forging partnerships and advocating for increased access to capital for Native-owned small businesses.


The Native marketplace is a celebration of the spirit of Native American innovation and a showcase for Native American enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Like the historic gatherings that occurred among traders in our past, Trading at the River creates a venue where goods are exchanged, services rendered, inspiring stories are told and lessons are learned. It is a place where connections are made—business-to-business, native-to-native, tribe-to-tribe, and past to present.


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