What We Do



ONABEN’s Growing Entrepreneurs in Indian Country project is a multi-state program where we are delivering training and assistance directly to Native entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. 



Supporting the growth of Native-owned businesses is at the core of our mission. Through the Growing Entrepreneurs in Indian Country project, that is just what we’re doing!

By working with various community partners in a multi-state area, we are delivering training and assistance to 15 Native-owned businesses. We will utilize culturally-appropriate curriculum, delivered through online and classroom settings, paired with individual customized assistance to help participating Native entrepreneurs grow through the challenges of business ownership.

The assistance will cover a wide spectrum of business disciplines, including marking, strategic and operational planning, finance, and contract management. The subject matter delivered through this project is dynamic and driven by the marketplace and technology, and specific to the needs of our participants.

As a result of participating in the Growing Entrepreneurs in Indian Country project, Native entrepreneurs will be better equipped to successfully meet their business goals - whether it is expanding into new markets, increasing revenues, or hiring staff. Their business success translates to a larger impact felt by the community at large in the way of more available products and services locally, as well as increased employment opportunities.



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