What We Do



ONABEN's Financial Inclusion Policy Action Initiative is designed to improve the financial capability of Native youth so that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions as adults. 



We’ve all heard the statistics that represent the bleak outlook for our Native youth. With some of the highest rates in the nation for diabetes, suicide, high school dropouts, and poverty, we know we are dealing with a challenging situation when it comes to changing behaviors and perceptions in Native youth.

Although minor’s trust fund programs, often referred to as “Big Money,” offer a beacon of hope for Native youth, they have brought with them a myriad of unexpected negative outcomes. But, ONABEN believes that there are solutions out there to create real change in the financial destiny for our next seven generations.

Through the Financial Inclusion Policy Action Initiative, we have the opportunity to exercise our voice to advocate for strategies that increase the financial capability of Native youth across the country. Our hope is for our younger generations to become strong role models today for future generations tomorrow.

Through this initiative, we are focused on arming our Native youth with the tools and resources they need to build assets and achieve self-sufficiency. We have seen that increased financial literacy not only directly impacts a person’s financial circumstances, but also leads to a better quality of life and improved physical health and mental wellness.



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