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Through our Empowering Entrepreneurs & Grassroots Capacity Building Development project, ONABEN worked with Native communities throughout the country, to implement sustainable economic development strategies. By providing a variety of entrepreneurial trainings and customized assistance we focused on economic growth, employment opportunities, and business creation. Our signature approach of creating effective synergies between training, technical assistance, and capacity building was the foundation of this project.

While working with targeted community partners in Hawaii, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Oklahoma, we increased access to small business development training, customized assistance, and capital for Native entrepreneurs while building and strengthening the local private sector economy.

Over three years, ONABEN helped create jobs 141 jobs.

Our tailored training plans for this initiative included:

  • Indianpreneurship® trainer certification classes
  • Individualized business development training and assistance to entrepreneurs within local partner communities
  • Customized organizational development and capacity building services to targeted community partners

ONABEN finds intrinsic value in targeting our activities in specific Native communities to maximize our community impact. Through this strategy, we are dedicating resources to help build community organizations that support and promote local economic development.