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ONABEN partners with KIVA as Trustee

ONABEN's Veronica Hix is working with Casey Allen, the Program Lead with the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation to grow entrepreneurs' access to capital for business startup and growth. Casey is available to answer any questions about the KIVA program. Contact her today at

"The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation has partnered with Louisville-based Access Ventures to bring international microfinancing platform KIVA to Tulsa. Kiva offers crowd-funded loans up to $10,000 to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Kiva aims to fill the critical lending gap faced by Tulsa small business owners and budding entrepreneurs who are locked out of traditional lending, and provide them with a way to demonstrate creditworthiness, build repayment histories, and eventually access traditional lending services. Kiva wants to empower you to engage in your community in a new way that will help revitalize Tulsa's economy, and promote local job growth."

*If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner that needs access to capital, you can borrow crowdfunded loans up to $10,000 at 0% interest, with no fees, minimum credit score, years of operation, or collateral. By joining the Kiva community, you gain access to over 1.6 million lenders worldwide, not just those based in Tulsa! The loans are designed to reach those locked out of traditional lending, or who are doing social good in the Tulsa community.

*Use your Kiva capital for multiple uses; a new piece of equipment, to fund a new marketing campaign, to hire a part time contractor – the opportunities are endless to help your small business.

*95% of Kiva loan requests are fully fundraised, which is a rarity among crowdfunding sites.

*Borrowers submit an application, go through a Kiva-led vetting process, and a private fundraising period (where you begin crowdfunding with family/friends), and finally the public crowdfunding period on the Kiva website.

Kiva Business Flyer

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