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Warm Springs Artisan Cohort Names Future Community Nonprofit

Warm Springs Community Action Team  (WSCAT) and ONABEN have been working hard to move forward an Artisan nonprofit that will serve the Warm Springs community.  The Warm Springs artisan community cohort has chosen the name and it has been an important first step  to bringing this long awaited project to life. 
Tamánwit (meaning "A Gathering of People") was chosen by the cohort at a recent training facilitated by ONABEN staff, Selena Yokoyama and Kristi Burns.  A new website is also in development and will feature all participating member artisans and will link to their personal retail sites and stores. The first stages of building the legal governance framework of the nonprofit are also underway. Very Exciting! Stay tuned as we move forward.

Special thanks to Leah Guliasi, Chris Watson and the entire Warm Springs Community Action Team,  the US Small Business Administration Accellerator program, and CUNY Communications!

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