About Indianpreneurship®

ONABEN created the Indianpreneurship® curriculum based upon the foundation of the combined experience of many instructors, students and mentors. It will serve you and your students well in creating your own version of what we have come to call the “Indianpreneurship® Experience.”

This “experience” is based on a few basic principles and a philosophy that has grown out of efforts of people like you who are committed to helping Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian people take advantage of the opportunities inherent in entrepreneurship.

Making a Difference

We have seen again and again how Indianpreneurship® is literally changing the trajectory of Native-owned small businesses. We all know that the challenges associated with starting or growing a business in Indian Country can be overwhelming. But with the knowledge and skills gained by completing an Indianpreneurship® course, entrepreneurs are more confident and ready to embark upon a successful business venture.

Watch the videos below to see how Indianpreneurship® is changing the lives of Native entrepreneurs everywhere.

Bill Murphy, Glass Artist 


Ed Edmo, Story Teller



The Curriculum

This is ONABEN's signature product and the first of the Indianprenuership suite of products. It is a culturally specific course that guides entrepreneurs along the path of small business planning using storytelling. 

We designed this small business planning course for the Native entrepreneur who wants to start their own business. Students graduate this course one step closer to their dreams of business ownership with a written business and marketing plan, plus the skills and confidence to accomplish their entrepreneurial goals.

A full color teacher’s edition is also available for those looking to facilitate an engaging Indianpreneurship® course.

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Complete with two volumes, this is our intensive two-year business development training course for established Native American business owners and tribal enterprise managers. It focuses on building advanced business skills and uses a peer-mentoring model of learning. Graduates of this class will be equipped to grow their enterprise with improved knowledge and skills in strategic business planning, financial analysis, and marketing.

We also offer a facilitator’s guide to help with launching an entrepreneurial peer learning program. The guide is complete with tips and ideas for recruitment and marketing a small business program.

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This full-color workbook is designed for the small business owner who is interested in learning more about how to comprehensively market their product or service. It includes easy to follow exercises and discussions.

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ONABEN is pleased to have so many satisfied Indianpreneurship® customers! Check out some of our client feedback!

“Indians have been in business, creating, diversifying and existing on their creations and traditional arts all along. It is who we are. This curriculum helps to formalize the process.”

Kathryn Quaempts Burke
Indianpreneurship® Graduate

“This curriculum is super! It practically teaches itself.”

Ted Piccolo
Executive Director
Northwest Native Development Fund


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