About Us

Our History

ONABEN is a national 501(c)(3) organization, created in 1991 by four Oregon tribes to encourage the development of a private sector on their reservations, now serving Native communities nationwide. 



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Who We Are

Our programs, products and services are led by a staff and Board who understand the unique cultures and challenges found throughout Native communities. Get to know our executive team, staff and Board from across the country.


Our Staff
Our Board

What We Do

ONABEN provides curriculum, training and organizational capacity building focused on developing entrepreneurship in Native communities. ONABEN serves Native business development organizations and entrepreneurs nationally with its Indianpreneurship® curriculum. 



2013 ONABEN Resource Allocation - 78% of our organization's resources are allocated to programming, 16% are allocated to general and administrative costs & 6% are allocated to fundraising.  

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Our Customers

ONABEN works with various entities across the nation to empower Indigenous communities.


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