What We Do


Employees are truly the lifeline of an organization, and without question the success or failure of an enterprise depends almost entirely upon its employees. ONABEN can work with you to create a more aligned and engaged team through our team building process, helping you to accelerate team performance by improving communication, cooperation, and trust amongst everyone in your organization.

The foundation for team building starts with understanding the unique personalities of your staff. Personality has a significant role to play in the success of your team. The personality of team members and managers affects the day-to-day operations and the success of the organization. If the team does not work well together or a manager cannot motivate his or her staff, then productivity, quality, and delivery of services suffer.

We utilize some of the most widely used personality assessments in the world to help individuals better understand themselves and others. After completing self-assessments, staff members will have a better understanding of the role their individual personalities play in their preferences and ability to communicate with team members, to make decisions, and to manage job duties. 

ONABEN’s unique team building process focuses on improving your team’s problem solving capabilities and on creating a more efficient organizational environment. Our team building exercises will consist of both social activities and development activities, designed to help your team examine how they approach a problem, work together, and communicate.  These exercises will help your team to develop their interpersonal skills, including communication, negotiation, leadership, and motivation.    

Our team building process will help managers:

o   Understand what motivates each individual

o   Assign duties to the most appropriate person on the team

o   Hire the right person for vacant positions

o   Create project teams that balance out the strengths and the weaknesses of individual team members 

Our team building process will help team members:

o   Improve communication with other team members

o   Reduce and resolve conflicts

o   Make better decisions as a team

o   Become more empathetic to factors affecting team performance


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