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LEADERSHIP Development - Executive coaching
and board development

Helping Native CDFIs, tribal economic development departments, and other economic development organizations create highly effective and engaged Boards is one of the core components of our approach at ONABEN. An effective decision-making Board can strengthen a nonprofit organization in many different ways. Board members can support the organization's work in the community, bring necessary resources for better performance, advise the organization on legal or other matters, and help with fundraising. 

The best Boards do all of the following:

o   Look at the big picture, making sure that their organization does not lose sight of its mission

o   Have a keen set of priorities, working from an agenda and encouraging the non-profit to identify any problems before they hatch

o   Provide growth opportunities to the staff, providing employees with the means to develop professionally and personally

o   Think before they act, weighing all sides of an issue and providing a fear-free environment to their non-profit’s staff

o   Value teamwork, through the recruitment of a diverse Board which plays to each other’s strengths

o   Evaluates itself and keeps improving, analyzing the non-profit’s mission and energizing itself through Board retreats and outside speakers to lend additional expertise

Creating the best Board for your organization takes careful thought, planning and cultivation. Our Board development services can help you:

o   Identify the skills and experiences needed by candidates for your nonprofit Board

o   Develop a system for Board member recruitment and training

o   Establish best practices for keeping your Board informed and engaged


Native CDFI Directors and other similar professionals want to survive and prosper in these difficult economic conditions. Given the climate, your organization must perform at the highest level of effectiveness to both endure and grow. Your leadership skills, decision making, staff relations, time management, meeting management, and handling of sensitive issues are factors affecting you, your team, and the overall success of your organization. Through our executive coaching process, we can help you fine-tune the attributes needed to move your organization forward, to develop new skills, and to reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompanies organizational leadership.

ONABEN will work with an individual executive or your executive team to achieve both personal and professional growth, which will lead to improved performance in your role. We will ask powerful questions and suggest experiential learning in the workplace to help you develop your leadership and managerial skills and to consider new approaches to familiar situations. We bring to the table a wealth of experience with organizations like yours and have been able to discern best practices from the top leadership in your field.

We offer a variety of coaching packages which we can adapt to your busy schedule. We are happy to spend time with you in-person and can also provide support over the phone or through videoconferencing. We look forward to making our services work for you!



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